Friday, November 6, 2009

How to Quickly Create an Emergency Website for a Lost Dog

More then a couple of people have asked "How did you get the website up so quickly?" From the moment I found out that Rosie was missing it took an hour and a half to create the site you are now reading. Here's how:

1. I set up a keyword rich, free blog on and used one of the layout templates they offer for free.

2. I went to and registered the very easy to remember and spell "" for $8.81 per year. The normal price is $9.69 per year but I went to and used the monthly coupon code.

3. I forwarded the url to the Blogger url so that both urls work but the one would be easier for people to remember and take up less room on fliers etc.

4. I began uploading photos and information to the blog.

5. I used Photoshop to create the PDF Flyer and uploaded that to a website I have for my own dog called www.CutestDogEver then linked to that web address to offer the PDF to volunteers who wanted to post signs or hand out flyers. The reason I hosted it there is because you can't upload files as large as a high resolution PDF to

6. I used Photoshop to create the web badges and created a second page on to host the web badges. That way I could include the html code for the web badge. If I tried to add the code to Blogger it converted the code into the badge.

If you've never blogged before I have a website I host called that has a lot of tutorials about how to set up a blog and how to post on one.

Lost Dog Advice from a Friend

The following info was shared with us by a friend at who created this link list while helping to find Matthew (pictured at left). CLICK HERE to view the original source.

Matthew was a dog about to be euthanized in a South Los Angeles shelter. A rescue group pulled him saving his life and were transporting him to his new home when he slipped his lead during transport. He was scared, running loose, recovering from being neutered and had an injured foot. Two and a half weeks later a homeless man who had seen flyers about Matthew spotted him and used a pay phone to contact the rescue team.

Helpful TIPS and LINKS if you have Lost (or Found) a Pet

- post FLIERS and more FLIERS EVERYWHERE - minimum a 10 mile radius of where your pet went missing - see Posters and Fliers Tips using the "five words, five seconds rule"
- ask postal workers and delivery personnel (UPS, Fed Ex, etc) to help distribute fliers and be on the lookout. taxi cabs, bus drivers, and children also make excellent spotters
- notify and send fliers to local VETS, SHELTERS, Humane societies, and Rescue organizations (esp breed specific if applicable)
- STAPLES Sporting Goods stores will often make 100 free color copies for lost animals - a good black and white flier with clear picture may help manage expenses too
- place ads in your local NEWSPAPERS
- will call neighbors in the area (for a fee)
- post online in classified Lost ads by state and city (see links below)
- check Found ads frequently because most sites do not automatically coordinate losts with founds
- also do a quick search at different sites to make sure your pet is NOT listed for Adoption or for Sale

Main National Lost and Found Search Sites:
Craigslist Place a listing in the Pets and Lost&Found categories
K9 Amber Alert yahoo group that many rescuers cross post from place classified Lost ad and watch classified Found ads as well as avail. for adoption by state (*CAUTION*: if someone calls from "Petfinders" and offers to call local groups/vets for a fee, this is a SCAM and not associated with
Petharbor lists many (but not all) area shelters - you can register your lost pet into their database
**still have someone GO TO and check shelters at least every few days

Good Searching Tips:
Action Against Poisoning for lost pet behaviour
Lost Dog Search
Lost Pet SOS
Missing Pet Network
Missing Pet Partnership at
. . . Lost DOG Posters and Fliers - using the "five words, five seconds rule"
. . . lost DOG behaviour
. . . lost CAT behaviour
. . . Think Lost NOT Stray
Pet Rescue

additional National Lost and Found Sites:
Dog Detective
Fido Finder
Find That Pet
Found and Lost Pets
Have you Seen this Pet
Help Me Find my Pet
The Internet Lost and Found
Lost and Found Now
Lost and Pound
Lost Dogs Database
Lost Paws
Lost Pet SOS
Lost Pets International
Missing Pet Network
Operation KONA
The Pet Rescue
Pets 911
Return My Pet
Tabby Tracker

more national classified: can post lost ads on most but
***check esp if you think your pet was stolen or is being sold or auctioned off
Buy Sell Community
Coeur D Alene’s Pet Classifieds
The Megaboard

other Services:
American Kennel Club Companion Animal Recovery Program for animals with tatoos or microchips
Find Toto will call neighbors in the area (for a fee)
International K9 Search and Rescue Services
National Dog Registry for dogs with tatoos
Pet Detectives, Inc licensed private investigators coaching by phone, online, or on site search
Pet Hunters International certified pet detectives
Sherlock Bones commercial services

For Humane Trapping advice, see my Diary entry Dec 7, 2006 and Pictures in my photo album. If there has been a reliable sighting of your pet, traps can usually be obtained and set up by Animal Control Officers or Wildlife Managers. If they do not have traps available, check with local pest control places for HaveAHart traps or something similar. Just make sure it is large enough...
Kat 5 Animal Rescue for help during Disasters (natural and man-made)
Katrina Animals Reunion Team (KART)
Lost Katrina Pets
Petfinder Animal Emergency Response Network helping during Disasters
Other Sites specific to WASHINGTON state:
Ginger’s Pet Rescue
The Highline Times newspaper
Humane Society for Seattle and King County
Humane Society for SW Washington
Humane Society for Tacoma and Pierce County
KIRO TV Classifieds
KIRO TV Lost Pet Photos
Myspace Lost Pets in Western WA
NOTE: if you have a bad experience with ANY of these sites, please notify me as I would like to keep this as user-friendly as possible. suggestions for additional links also appreciated.

Save a Life. Opt to Adopt!

Rosie was Found and is Safe and Sound!

A Message from Rosie's Mom:
So, the adventures of Rosie...she's safe at home with me, hungry and thirsty but otherwise fine. She's curled on my feet about to pass out. Somehow she made her way to Upper Arlington, got tired and sat down in someone's drive way. They called the UA AC, she came out and rescued her
What a huge relief! Thanks to all who helped to spread the word. It's a wonderful feeling knowing that there's such a huge safety net out there of people, friends and complete strangers, who care and were willing to jump in and help out!

Possible Rosie Sighting

This morning Rosie's mom got a call from someone on Rosie's search team that a German Shepherd had been spotted near HWY 33 and West 5th at 4:30 AM. When she got there she wasn't able to spot any dog but if it was Rosie this means she is still in the same general area she was seen at yesterday morning. So if you know the area can you please keep your eyes peeled open extra wide today?

Rosie is Dog of the Day on

Thank you so much to Dogster HQ for making Rosie Dogster's Dog of the Day today! Hopefully it will generate some extra page views to help spread the word.

And for those of you who may be wondering, yes, Rosie is the Rosie of "Vincent and Rosie" on Dogster.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

LOST GERMAN SHEPHERD DOG (Grandview Heights X Upper Arlington area of) COLUMBUS OH


Rosie escaped the morning of 11-5-09 from her pet sitter's fenced backyard. She actually managed to unlatch the gate and presumably is headed for home. Her owner is one of my best friends and was scheduled to go out of town today hence the need for a pet sitter.

Rosie is an adult, female, German Shepherd with a very black colored face. AC saw her at North Star and Northwest Blvd. at 10:00 AM this morning but couldn't catch her. She is normally a friendly dog but was very scared when she was last sighted and took off running. Please let us know if you see her.

Rosie was wearing a pink gingham collar, she has all her tags on.

Please help me spread the word to anyone you know who lives in the Columbus area. Share this message on Facebook and retweet on Twitter.

We are worried sick for Rosie's safety.

Thank you for any help!

Where Rosie Got Lost: Upper Arlington & Grandview Heights

More Pictures of Rosie

Please feel free to cross post these images for you FB avatar, Dogster profile or Myspace page... Especially if you live in the Columbus Area or know people who do. Thanks so much!

More Pictures of Rosie

LOST DOG "Rosie" Missing since November 5th, 2009

Rosie is an adult, female, German Shepherd with a very black colored face. AC saw her at North Star and Northwest Blvd. at 10:00 AM this morning but couldn't catch her. She is normally a friendly dog but was very scared when she was last sighted and took off running. Please let us know if you see her.

Rosie was wearing a pink gingham collar, she has all her tags on.